Setting the standard so no child is stuck enduring a life with head lice.

Our Founder and CEO, Katie Shepherd, is recognized as one of the top head lice experts in the world. With almost twenty years of hands-on experience, she oversees the country's only non-profit organization for the research, education and treatment of head lice. Her dedication to this worthwhile cause has helped to ensure lice treatment services for all children, regardless of their families ability to pay.

Now, through the Shepherd Institute, she shares her expertise with those seeking a career in head lice removal, by way of ongoing training and certification programs. Ms. Shepherd works closely with several universities and schools to ensure the most current and up-to-date lice information is available, information that she gladly shares with others passionate in the fight against head lice.



Find out about our organization, mission, and get a brief insight to our method of strand-by-strand nit removal. See why companies around the world turn to us for proper education.

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